Photography is this wonderful thing that allows people to express themselves. Whats important is to relax and have fun! Portraiture session for your child may be to show your child's individual personality, a reserved study, the relationship between you and your child or between siblings, or, simply, capturing an intangible quality of that child's age and interests.
Preparing for Session
Ideally everyone in the session should compliment one another. Everyone should coordinate color, tone and or style--especially for family portraits. Glamour shots and childrens portraits either in studio or outdoors can be more fun. Colors can pop or the use of different patterns. Simply be yourself!

Preparing for a Newborn Session
Photographing in the first two weeks of life allows me to capture your baby's newness. You will treasure these memories of just how little your baby was. The peach fuzz. The squishy folds. The sleepy face. And yes, the first cries, too. Please keep in mind not to put off the newborn session until the baby is a month or two, because by then, the babies have changed so much it's no longer possible to capture how they were when they were brand new.

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